M&S Grill Products 2016: Spirit of Summer

The M&S cross-group campaign for summer 2016, encompassing cuisines, ingredients and techniques from South America and the Southern States. I travelled to Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston and New York as part of a small M&S team looking at authentic Central Texan-style barbecue, burgers, hotdogs, fried food and sauces. Go back to products page.

A video to bring alive the inspiration behind the Smokehouse range, launched in May 2016 at Marks and Spencer.
All the trimmings for your amazing central-Texas style BBQ.

Grill 2016 habanero.JPG
Grill chim.JPG
SMOKEHOUSE pork shoulder.JPG
Grill skewers.JPG
Lamb and mint.JPG
Dark and rich BBQ
Sharp and sticky BBQ
Caroline-style mustard sauce